5 Reasons You Might be Having Trouble Losing Weight

Does this sound familiar: You are doing everything in the book to live a healthy life. You eat right, drink plenty of water and exercise, but you aren’t noticing any changes.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. There are a number of medical reasons people experience difficulty getting to a healthy weight.

If you think you might have trouble losing weight due to a medical issue, talk to your doctor immediately. Or, if you’re just suspicious and not ready to see a doctor just yet, stop by Arkansas Quick Care for an evaluation.

We offer custom weight-loss treatment plans that include evaluation, counseling and medication if needed right here in Jacksonville, AR.

1. Health Issues

If you find yourself unexpectedly gaining weight or having a lot of trouble losing weight, come in and see us. Sometimes unexplained weight gain or weight loss plateaus indicate a more serious medical condition. That’s why it’s so important to recognize a problem and talk to your doctor.

2. Hormones

Sometimes your hormones aren’t on the same page as you about achieving a healthy weight. They could be off balanced due to a number of health issues or lifestyle circumstances.

3. Thyroid Problems

Speaking of hormones. Your thyroid glands produce the hormones that regulate your body. If you have a thyroid problems, weight loss issues won’t be your only problem. Common side effects include joint pain, fatigue, hair loss, muscle weakness, dry skin and more.

If this sounds familiar, tell your doctor right away. Your doctor, or a specialist will determine how to best treat your thyroid problem with hormone prescriptions.

4. New Medications

If a medication that your doctor has recently prescribed for you is causing you to gain weight or halting your weight loss progress, you will recognize it pretty soon. Tell your doctor right away. Talk about alternative options or solutions.

5. Food Intolerance

Getting tired of hearing your co-worker complain about being “gluten-free”? While not every food intolerance needs to be frequently announced, knowing about the foods your body doesn’t like can mean the difference between successful, healthy weight loss and a frustrating battle with the StairMaster.

Think you might have a food intolerance? The best way to narrow down the culprit is by using a well-documented process of eliminating and re-introducing the foods to your diet. Think of it like a science experiment.

“The only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down” - Adam Savage

Do yourself a favor and don’t take this process lightly. Talk to your doctor first. Thoroughly document what you eat in your food journal. It might make you feel like a person obsessed, but a well-documented process is the best way to narrow down the intolerance and turn your healthy lifestyle around.

We recommend starting with the most common food intolerances: dairy, gluten, eggs, soy, corn and nuts.

We’d be remiss if we let this opportunity pass without encouraging you to stay positive. A positive attitude can be the difference between a miserable weight loss experience and a one that turns into a lifetime of healthy habits.

Megan Jayne Crabbe, a social media influencer and body positivity activist, says, “Your body is your home your body carries you through life. It’s okay if you’re struggling to make peace with how it looks right now your body will still take care of you the best that it can, and it’s so worthy of your love for that alone give your home a hug from me!”