5 Tips for Fighting the Common Cold

Feel a cold coming on that you just don’t have time for? Stop by Arkansas Quick Care and we’ll help you confirm your diagnosis, no appointment necessary. Once we know what your symptoms are we can point you in the best direction for the quickest recovery. Fighting the common cold doesn’t have to be a drawn out battle with Arkansas Quick Care on your side.

Here are a few things you can do to feel better until your body can heal itself.

1. Gargle salt water.
Gargling a glass of water with 1⁄2 teaspoon of salt in will help alleviate pain in a sore throat. It will also hurry along the healing process to get rid of the sore throat all together.

2. Sleep.
It’s time to get plenty of sleep. Go to bed when you are tired and don’t get up until you feel rested. Stress and exhaustion makes us all susceptible to catching a cold. Once you start noticing cold-like symptoms, it is more important than ever to stop your busy life and get some rest.

Stuffed up? Try sleeping on two pillows instead of one. The additional lift will help drain fluids gathering in your sinus cavities. If two pillows is strenuous on your neck, or otherwise uncomfortable, put the pillow under the mattress where your head is. This will make the elevation more gradual.

3. Light movement.
Rest is very important when you are fighting the common cold, but it doesn’t hurt to get up and move around for a while. Get plenty of rest. Listen to how you feel. If it seems right, take a short walk for some fresh air.

Do not participate in strenuous exercise while you are battling a cold. It could be dangerous. The extra effort will cause your symptoms to get worse.

4. Drink fluids.
Your mom was right. It is important to drink plenty of water while you are fighting a cold. It will battle dehydration and help drain your sinus cavities by making the mucus thinner. Green tea has been known to be a go-to for those fighting the common cold. However, you can reach for your favorite hot drink of any kind. Just avoid caffeine and alcohol.

We recommend hot water with a tablespoon of honey. Honey helps sooth a sore throat.

5. Stay in humidity.
Did you know: Cold germs have an easier time getting around where there is less humidity. That’s why cold weather seasons seem to be a more prominent time for catching a cold. A humidifier running in your room will help your relax and help heal the side effects of your cold.

Take it easy. You should be feeling like yourself again in five to seven days.