6 Reasons PAs are Important

At Arkansas Quick Care, we offer efficient and quality medical care for those on the go. That’s why we rely heavily on our two Physician’s Assistants, Stephanie and Stacie. PAs are qualified to prescribe medication, conduct physical exams, order tests, diagnose illnesses and much more.

Here are a few things you might not know about the PA profession and why they are so important to the medical community.

1. They make medical care readily available.

Why was the title invented? Well, apparently, in the 1960’s doctors were few and far between. Duke University sought to solve the problem by creating a program that would get more medical providers in the field. Introducing: the Physician’s Assistant.

Not only did the program help the medical community in the 60s, PAs became a staple for hospitals and medical practices from then on.

2. They are key to making hospitals thrive.

The role of a PA was intended to hasten hospital turnover rate by doing all the work that doesn’t require 4 years of schooling and a doctorate degree. Studies have shown that, even now, a hospital with PAs is more efficient and successful.

3. They make medical care more affordable.

With more affordable schooling and broad specialties, PAs don’t have the high salary and costs that come with being a doctor. With PAs on staff, hospitals and other medical practices don’t need as many doctors on rotation.

4. They complete medical school in one year.

How do you become a PA? PAs complete one year of schooling in a certified PA program and do 2,000 hours of clinical rotation before being nationally certified and state licensed to practice medicine. That’s four years of medical school crammed into one intense year of study. Phew.

5. They make doctors’ life easier.

With all this knowledge under their belt, PAs take loads of work off a doctor’s shoulders. Their role in a medical practice functions like that of a doctor, leaving the doctor time and energy to focus on critical patients and specialty fields.

6. They have a promising career in medicine.

With a certification, a PA can practice medicine in many different medical fields. Many PAs decide that PA life is the best for them. Some use their position to pursue other fields they’ve worked in and know they will enjoy.

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If you are interested in building your career as a Physician’s Assistant at Arkansas Quick Care, send your resume to gail.namest@arkansasquickcare.com