Basic First-Aid Essentials for Babysitters

Babysitting? Every good babysitter knows to be ready for the unexpected. It doesn’t matter if you are just spending a few hours babysitting the kids or a few days looking after them, be prepared. Here are a few first-aid essentials for babysitters you should bring—if you don’t already—with you on your next babysitting job to be ready for anything from emergencies to paper-cuts.

Arkansas Quick Care is conveniently located in Jacksonville, Arkansas. We are here to help you with all your non-life threatening medical needs. No appointment necessary. We’ll get you and your kiddos back out having fun in no time.

Bandaids and triple-antibiotic ointment.
Essential for every babysitting bag. Small cuts and scrapes are always a possibility when kids are out having fun. The sooner you can clean and cover the wound the better.

We recommend packing various bandage sizes. If you want extra points for being an awesome babysitter, scope out some colorful bandaids with characters you know the kids will recognize.

Hand sanitizer.
You probably already have hand sanitizer handy in your babysitting bag. Keeping infection and germs at bay is important when you are on an outing to the playground or visiting friends for a playdate.

We recommend keeping an extra one for your first-aid needs. If you do find yourself in a situation that requires a first-aid kit, make sure you get sanitizer into the hands of everyone involved. Hand sanitizer is always on the list of first-aid essentials for babysitters. Sanitizing wet wipes are a great tool as well when you need to sanitize and clean up a wounded kiddo. Keeping both in your bag keeps you prepared for every situation.

Instant cold pack.
Keep an instant cold pack handy in case of swelling or a burn. If one of the kids you are babysitting is suffering from a painful injury, a cold pack is the best thing to have on hand. It’s a temporary solution, but they will appreciate the instant relief.

Cold packs are especially important to have on hand if your kids are playing outside in the hot Arkansas summer. If you notice any signs of heat exhaustion you can instantly cool them down while getting them indoors and hydrated.

Emergency information.
No one wants to think something will happen while they are babysitting that will cause them to need to contact the parents. However, accidents do happen, so one of our first-aid essentials for babysitters is a good communication plan. Parents usually leave babysitters a good number to call while they are away. Ask for an alternative number in case something happens and the parent’s can’t be reached. If you stop by our clinic we will ask for insurance information and we’ll need to know about any allergies the child has or medications they are currently taking.

It’s also a good idea to keep other emergency numbers jotted down. If you don’t already have it: (800) 222-1222 is the Arkansas poison control number.

If you want to take it an extra step, say if you are staying with the kids for a long period of time, get more details. Make sure you know how to spell their names correctly and can find their social security number. Ask for information on the pediatrician and dentist they visit.